Aimee Abram

Governer of Terra


Aimee is a former member of the Black Ops, the soldiers who served The Company, the secret defenders of the planet Terra. When the planet was invaded by the Sith, Aimee decided to side with the invaders in an attempt to minimize the damage done to her home planet and her people. A former member of the Cadre, a group of Black Ops dissatisfied with the leadership of The Company, she had a great deal of valuable knowledge to give the invaders in exchange for her life, and was able to convince other Cadre members to join her as well. In return for her loyalty, she has been named the provisional governor of Terra, representing the Sith’s interests on the planet and managing it’s resources for them while they pursue their own agenda.

In the years since being appointed to her position, she has done a remarkable job of making Terra an efficient member of the galaxy. She quickly adapted the planet’s infrastructures to the much more advanced technology available elsewhere, and has hired some offworlders to help manage the population. Most of the beings on Terra are little more than slaves, but a few have made themselves useful enough to move up from their previous low positions. Aimee has created a cabinet of sorts to help her with the massive job of managing an entire planet, and has done an exceptional job utilizing the more modern technology brought in from the rest of the galaxy. Although not influential enough to be acknowledged as a full member of the Empire, Terra’s status as a Sith holding has granted it other privileges and Aimee has taken full advantage of them, hiring Duros engineers and techs, Ithorian ecological experts to maximize the planet’s recovery, and Mandalorian soldiers to guard their borders and train the remaining Black Ops as a planetary defense force.

Aimee Abram

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