Antur Tavik

Corrupted Jedi Counselor


Antur Tavik was a Jedi once, and served as a General in the Clone Wars. He survived Order 66 by the benefit of having been in hyperspace when it was given, on a solo mission to the Outer Rim. When he received the distress call from the Jedi Temple, he tried to return to Coruscant but his hyperdrive malfunctioned and he was forced to land. After a short time, the modified signal was received by his ship, warning all Jedi to stay away.

Moving carefully through the galaxy, he began to piece together what had happened to the Jedi and decided to try and gather what beings he could locate, and regroup the Jedi Order. The first Jedi he encountered was Mira Dymos, and the two began to work closely together towards their goal. In time, they fell in love and decided to keep their relationship a secret, telling others that Mira was his padawan learner.

Eventually, they encountered the Black Sun crime syndicate and started to use the resources that the cartel offered them. Mira journeyed to an Outer Rim planet to try and raise a fighting force, although Antur didn’t want her to leave his side again. Assuring him she would return, she left for her mission and never came back. The mercenaries she employed later told Antur that she was captured by the Imperial Inquisition and taken alive. Antur never gave up hope of finding her, as he knew in his heart she was still alive.

Some time later, he met some more Jedi who he tasked with helping him find Mira, in exchange for helping to cleanse them of the taint of the Dark Side. The Jedi told him they found Mira on Nar Shaddaa, and took him to meet her. However, she was not what he expected. Twisted and scarred by her torture at the hands of the Inquisitorious, she attacked Antur in rage, ranting about betrayals and lost love. Unable to defend himself against her, she cut off his hand and was ready to strike him down when the “Jedi” who had led him here revealed themselves as the same Inquisitors who captured her. Twisting his mind with the Dark Side, they convinced him that they only way to save Mira was to end her life, and threw a lightsaber at his feet. The two former lovers fought until they both dropped, nearly killing each other in the process. Their limp bodies were taken back to the Inquisitorious headquarters to complete their conversion to the Dark Side of the Force.

During their conversion, Antur tried more than once to speak to Myra, to apologize or try to explain what had happened. The Inquisition kept them carefully separated, however, and the time in isolation fed Myra’s hatred. A moment finally came when the Inquisitors stopped watching as closely, and Antur managed to get he and Myra into a storage room alone. Slipped of her bonds, Myra choked him to death, and burned his body with Force Lightning.

Antur Tavik

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