Belen Sanura

Shistavanen Dark Jedi


Belen Sanura doesn’t like talking about her past. She trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where she developed a close connection to another pupil. Perhaps too close for the Jedi Council, who separated the two when their devotion to each other became apparent. Belen was taken for further evaluation as the Council felt she was not mentally stable enough to withstand the stress of full Jedi training. During this time, she became more and more despondent and unstable. In time she decided that the Council had betrayed her, and sensing she had given in to her anger, the Council formally refused her training and assigned her to Support Corp work under close supervision. In time, her anger and paranoia overwhelmed her and she attacked innocent beings in a fit of unprovoked rage. She was initially given over to the local authorities who deemed she was far too dangerous to be kept in a regular prison, and requested that the Jedi incarcerate her themselves. Before she could be transferred to The Prism, Order 66 was given and she managed to escape into the galaxy at large, where she eventually met Vel Dran.

She will not discuss where she was during the Clone Wars, only that Order 66 gave her an opportunity to become what she had always wanted. She considered herself a student of Vel’s, although Vel did not take her on as his padawan learner.

She was recently seen on Nar Shaddaa with Vel and a group of other beings. They were captured by a group of Imperial Inquisitors who subdued them with violence and carried their bodies off planet. After being tortured and turned to the Dark Side, Belen was released back into the galaxy to cause chaos and discord. She eventually grew so out of control that Darth Havok ordered her death. The Inquisition managed to trace her to a fuel station on the bare edge of the galaxy, but the entire station was destroyed in a massive explosion. She is now presumed to be dead.

Belen Sanura

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