Belia Darzu

Mechu Sith Lady


Since her “death” by poison at the hands of the Mecrosa Order, Belia Darzu has maintained her physical form through the use of Sith Alchemy and her mechu-deru technique, which transforms living flesh into droid-like metallic components. This process has begun to come unraveled after more than 1000 years, but she still has a frightening command of the Force and an army of mechu slaves.


Believed destroyed over 1200 years ago, Belia Darzu is an ancient Sith Lady who has been biding her time on Tython, growing her strength and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. A master of Sith Alchemy, she perfected a technique that could transform organic tissue into a metallic, droid-like shape. Most beings lost their sanity during this process, but Belia found that those strong with the Force could maintain control of themselves through force of will.

Belia has been sending out spies and scouts into the galaxy for decades, attempting to discover what has been transpiring since feeling a massive wave of dark side energy permeated the galaxy nearly 40 years ago. Her spies were nanobot changelings, powered by the Force and able to infiltrate any culture or government they encountered. When she began to see the long-term effects of the plan put into motion by Palpatine, she started sending more competent and specially trained agents into the field, hoping to add her own moves to this game. Unfortunately for her, her lair on Tython was discovered by the Sith, and she was destroyed.

Belia Darzu

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