Darth Abjur

Pantoran Lady of the Sith


Darth Abjur is a Pantoran Sith Sorceress, or “Lady of the Sith” as she prefers. She is heavily involved in the politics of the various Sith factions on Coruscant, and is a junior member of the Council of Sith Lords. While her influence is currently weak, she aspires to a much greater position within the Order. She will need powerful allies, however, if she is to achieve the high position she seeks.

Darth Abjur was once a Fallanassi priestess. The Fallanassi were hunted by the Galactic Empire for their unique mastery of the Force, and Abjur betrayed her people in exchange for an immense monetary reward from the Empire. She and her daughter left Lucazec and entered the galaxy at large, but quickly found themselves overwhelmed in an unfriendly galaxy.

Seeking a continuing path to power in the Sith, she began to learn all she could from Darth Raga, a member of the Sith Council. However, she failed in her duties to him, and was punished in the usual fashion: she was impaled on the blade of her master’s lightsaber and left for dead. She did not die, however, and was found by a crippled Clone War veteran named Eldo Clash. Eldo tried to save her at a local clinic, but the damage to her body was too much. In her final moments, she dominated Eldo’s mind and overcame him, her spirit taking control of his cybernetic body as hers died. Rather than leave her daughter to die at Darth Raga’s hand as well, she followed him in her newly captured body and destroyed him in a sneak attack. She then hid her daughter where she was sure even the Sith could not find her. Using her mastery of Force Illusions, she created a duplicate of herself, spread the story that Eldo was a hired bodyguard and began her quest for power anew.

She was soon after contacted by none other than Emperor Palpatine. He revealed that he knew she was responsible for Darth Raga’s death, and moreover he knew where her daughter was hidden. In exchange for her oath of utter loyalty to the Sith, he agreed to extend his protection over her daughter and her gave her the title of Darth Abjur.

In time, she discovered an up-and-coming group of Sith, whose destiny was a powerful draw to her. She knew they would be great one day, and was determined to make herself invaluable to them now, in the hopes of gaining more influence in the future.

Darth Abjur

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