Eldo Clash

Sith Cyborg Warrior


Eldo Clash is a being of few words. A veteran of the Clone Wars, he was horribly disfigured and wounded, leaving him crippled and on the edge of life. Darth Abjur found him in this state, and used her knowledge of Sith Alchemy and cybernetics to have him restored. He is now her loyal protector and bodyguard, accompanying her everywhere she goes.

That’s the official story, anyway. The truth is that Eldo found Darth Abjur dying of a fatal blow inflicted by her master, and took her to a clinic in an effort to save her. The efforts did not succeed, but Abjur repaid her rescuer by transferring her essence into his body, and crushing his out entirely. Using her mastery of Force illusions, she now travels in a well-protected cybernetic form, while her illusory self interacts with the Sith Lords of Coruscant.

Eldo Clash

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