Ellor Novan

Imperial High Inquisitor


Ellor Novan is a former Jedi Knight, turned to the service of Emperor Palpatine and the Dark Side of the Force. During the Clone Wars, he was a respected Jedi General and saw service throughout the galaxy. During the war, Ellor came across an imprisoned Force Demon on the planet Kaal, charged with the power of the Dark Side of the Force. Fascinated with it, he began to study it’s properties and abilities. The demon reached out to his mind in an attempt to escape it’s prison, but Ellor was too strong to be taken over. However, he was overwhelmed by the infinite darkness within the being. Driven to madness, he wiped out his entire platoon of Clone troops to prevent them from dragging him away from his discovery. Sending a distress signal that all were lost and Kaal was infected with a virulent plague, he convinced the Republic to stay away from his newly-adopted home, leaving him to study the device in peace.

After the war ended, he reappeared on Coruscant as an Inquisitor in the service of the Empire, tasked with searching out Force-sensitive individuals who might become a threat to the new order and destroying them. However, he sometimes found those who had the potential to be shaped into useful tools for the Inquisition. He took one group of beings under his tutelage for some time, but eventually abandoned them to thier own devices while he began to explore the galaxy looking for more ways to tap into the power of the Force Demon. He discovered several useful Rakatan devices that could contain the demon’s power, including a primitive holocron that he used to trap some of it’s essence. In time, he absorbed huge amounts of the demons power into him greatly magnifying his facility with the Force. This drew the attention of Emperor Palpatine himself, and Ellor’s former students were tasked with hunting him down and destroying him. Ellor knew the Inquisition was coming for him, so he gathered mind-affected and dominated beings of all kinds to his side, attempting to stave off the attack. Despite all this, his allies were slain and his plans undone when his former students freed the demon and cut Ellor into ribbons.


Ellor Novan

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