Horrifying Monsters from Another Plane


The horrific beings known as Illithids somehow made their way to Planetoid G-21324-9721 in the Outer Rim sometime in the last decade or so. Fearing the bright light of the planetoid’s sun, they made their way underground and began setting up their lairs and preying on the sentient beings on the surface. They superficially resemble the Quarren race, but appear emaciated and gaunt in comparison, with greenish-mauve skin coated in some sickly mucus. In addition, they do not seem to be amphibious as Quarren are. Most horrifyingly of all, they feed directly on the brains of other sentient beings, and enslave those they do not feed on with powerful mental abilities and their mastery of the Dark Side of the Force.

GM Note: The Illithids, better known as Mind Flayers, are iconic monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. They were brought in by me as a joke for the end of year game session.


Star Wars: Enemy of the Republic - Dark Side MightyBakuDan