Illyria Ishlow


Illyria Ishlow was once a very normal girl, played, laughed, and had fun. That changed 8 years ago when she was taken away by raiders following an attack on her home, a small settlement of farmers on a moon of a rim world. Repeatedly brutalized and raped, she survived the only way she could, becoming like the monsters that took her. She eventually managed to gain her freedom, not by escaping per say, but by doing enough damage to the internal systems of the ship she was held on to cause it to crash into a cold and bitter world. Upon crashing she killed the injured crew members while trapping healthy survivors in the lower deck near the core of the ship. She lived for 6 months on that cold rock, eating the men who had stolen her away from a life she no longer remembered. Starving and alone she wandered into the darkness after all the “food” had been consumed hoping to end her existence. Passing out from the cold miles away from the crash site, her last thought was of the burning rage she felt toward the universe for doing this to her.

Illyria awoke weeks later to find that she was locked in a cage, a prisoner once more. Her new master however did not take advantage of her in the same manner as the raiders, but his actions were much worse by comparison. She was experimented on, cut open and put back together, with strange and painful liquids poured into her through a thousand tubes that punctured her skin. With each successful trial the man would walk away muttering to himself, leaving the girl writhing in agony. Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and months to years.

Over time Illyria came to enjoy the pain, allowing it to grant her strength instead of stealing away her power. The man, whom she took to calling father, eventually released her from her bindings, and started to train her in the ways of the force, showing her the power that could be gained from fear, anger, and pain. Learning what she could Illyria was a diligent student, focusing on gaining strength for the day when she would leave. It did not take her long to realize that she was outstripping her teacher with little effort, and his usefulness was drawing to an end. Waiting for the right time to strike, Illyria horded away items that she felt would be useful for her once she escaped her personal hell. It did not take long before her “father” made his final mistake while in the presence of Illyria. Accepting her submittal as a matter of fact the man took to turning his back on her whenever be beat her during her training exercises to show his contempt for her ability. The look of shock on his face as her light saber pierced his chest was almost enough to make her laugh once again.

Leaving the building where she was kept, expecting to find a barren world, she stepped into a metropolis, a city the likes of which she had never seen. It did not take long for her to become accustomed to the new environment, moving thought the streets looking for a new place to live, someplace to call her own. Illyria was not so lucky to leave the area unnoticed however, as Mox Slosin was in the area and felt the presence of two force users in the area, one of which was unexpectedly extinguished. Mox followed and cornered Illyria, promising to grant her power beyond her wildest dreams if she would be willing to serve him. Seeing this as a life or death offer, Illyria once again unwillingly accepted the mantle of slave prisoner. She has since spent her days being a student of Mox, living in the base on Prakith and has seen that she is not alone in the universe. Mox taught her more about the Force, and discovered that her innate connection to it allowed her to indirectly, even unconsciously, manipulate the beings around her. When she focused, she could even control their actions, though this taxed her greatly. Recently a man named Karl came and offered her a chance to be her own master, if she would be willing to betray Mox and join another faction of the Inquisition. She accepted, and has since joined the faction under Ellor Novan.

While serving under Ellor, she attempted to take control of a powerful Dark Side spirit, in a bid to increase her power ten-fold. She failed in that bid, and all that was left of her was a pile of greasy ash.

Illyria Ishlow

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