Karl Margulis


Karl was a young man when he entered the Jedi order, although he had already lived a good deal of his life. Having grown up in a world that was filled with conflict and pain, Karl did what most people do, and shut down emotionally. He did his duty to family, friends, and government; joining the fight against the rival faction seeking to take control of his world. Karl was conscripted as a scout, running point and delivering messages between the leadership and the troops. In hindsight, it is likely that Karl would have died in the conflict, as so many of his family did, with the trade federation. It was at this young age that a Jedi came to “help” the human settlers to reach an accord with the federation, after years of conflict. Once the Jedi was within the command post he noticed the connection to the force that Karl had, and as such took him away to learn how to control this ability. At first Karl was pleased to be away from the fighting and death. But as time progressed, and his training started progressing to the point where Karl was being asked to join his master in negotiations, he started to have his doubts about the Jedi order.

The Jedi would lie and deceive people, holding back information that could prove to be important or save lives. The suggestions made by his master always seemed to drive the agenda of the order over helping ensure that peace was achieved. The final straw that broke Karl was when the trade federation was granted the world he had fought so hard to defend as a child, the planet his family died to protect, in a treaty mediated by the Jedi council. Feeling that the Jedi had betrayed the Republic, he went to speak with the chancellor, requesting that additional aid be given or the treaty be reevaluated, but the chancellor said his hands were tied by the council. At this point Karl walked out on the Jedi order, abandoning the tenants that would allow conflict to spread, and allow the lives of the innocent to be thrown away in an effort to appease enemies. He left in hopes of finding a means to eliminate the conflict, mostly through the use of fear and illusion, breaking the trade federation’s will to fight on other worlds. And with each death that Karl oversaw, he felt that the universe was gaining a moment of stability, and that he was doing what was best for the Republic, regardless of the laws preventing such actions.

In time he was captured and sentenced to death, but he was spared from that fate by High Inquisitor Ellor Novan, who saw potential in the young man. He has since joined a group of Apprentice Inquisitors, determined to rid the galaxy of the Jedi threat.

Over time, he found a greater purpose in service to the Sith, and arranged for his transfer onto The Stoneheart as the Sith’s envoy to Imperial Intelligence. He continued to serve as a valuable asset to the Sith and to the Empire. As his Sith bretheren grew in power, so did he grow in influence until he was contacted by the Emperor himself, and inducted into his service as an Emperor’s Hand. Karl continued to serve in his capacity as the Sith’s adviser and adjutant, until the day came that the Sith turned against the Emperor, and he was forced to act to defend his true master. He died in combat with the Sith, his final order a failed attempt to wipe them out.

Karl Margulis

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