Cyborg Master of Droid World


Kligson is a former Imperial officer, now a cyborg hermit aboard the roving space station known as Droid World. Kligson was a soldier in the Clone Wars, one of the few non-clones to serve the Republic. When the war was over, he joined the Imperial Army only to be sent on a mission to destroy his people and turn over the planet’s resources to the Empire. When he refused, every member of his unit turned on him and gunned him down. He survived the attack, and later was extensively rebuilt using cybernetics made from Super Battle Droid parts.

After the attack, he lost all trust in biologicals, turning his back on galactic society. He surrounded himself with droids, and built a massive space station from the shattered pieces of Clone Wars-era warships. He spent many years hiding aboard the station, which was dubbed Kligson’s Moon, rebuilding and refurbishing droids as his only companions. One day, Kligson fired up the engines of the station and “Droid World”, as it came to be known, vanished into the space lanes.

A group of Sith discovered the rogue elements loyal to Darth Krohn were present on his vessel, and an internal war broke out between the droids. Rather than accept that his creations had betrayed him or each other, Kligson fired on the Sith as they left his planetoid, and it was promptly obliterated by their Star Destroyer.


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