High Inquisitor


High Inquisitor Malorum is a Force-sensitive Human who managed to avoid being recruited by the Jedi. During the Clone Wars, he served alongside Armand Issard in the Intelligence bureau, and was recruited by Emperor Palpatine himself to join the Inquisitorius. It is said he was trained in lightsaber combat by the Emperor himself, and he seems to have the favor of Lord Vader as well, although he barely masks his contempt for the Dark Lord.

Malorum was named Grand Inquisitor by Emperor Palpatine, and placed in charge of the entire Inquisitorius. Some time later, he was dismissed from that post and made the governor of small Core world. According to reports, he was recently kidnapped from that post by a group of renegade Jedi, who have since disappeared into the seamy underbelly of the galaxy.


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