Mira Dymos

Corrupted Jedi


Mira Dymos was a Jedi once, and served as a General during the Clone Wars. She managed to survive the execution of Order 66 and go into hiding, eventually meeting Antur Tavik and working with him to try and find other Jedi that might be scattered throughout the galaxy. While working together, Antur and Mira found themselves falling in love, and began a quiet relationship. They planned to tell any other Jedi they encountered that Mira was Antur’s padawan, to explain their closeness. Little did they know, their love would doom them to the Dark Side.

While trying to gather a military force, Mira was captured by a group of Imperial Inquisitors and taken back to their base for processing. There, she was tortured for more than a week while the Inquisitors tried to drag out of her who was supporting and aiding Jedi throughout the galaxy. Finally, using the Dark Side of the Force and some trickery, they convinced her that they had captured Antur and tortured him in front of her. When she finally broke, they made it appear as though Antur had been faking his torture, and had actually betrayed her to work with the Inquisitorious. After implanting some foreign material in her to track her whereabouts, they released her into the slums of Nar Shaddaa.

Some time later, the Inquisitors tricked Antur into coming to Nar Shaddaa to “rescue her.” The moment she saw him, she attacked him ruthlessly and cut off his hand, ignoring his cries and pleas to her. Seeing her in this state, the Inquisitors mocked the two of them and their shattered love, and encouraged Mira to strike down her former lover and mentor. Twisted by the Dark Side, Antur took up his lightsaber and the two former lovers battled until they struck each other down simultaneously. The Inquisitors gathered their broken but still living bodies and drug them back to their headquarters, to complete their conversion to the Dark Side.

After some time spent reconditioning and retraining, Mira requested to be allowed to join Darth Eradicus as his apprentice. Her newfound hatred for all Jedi was magnified and twisted, and she was a devoted killer eager to eliminate all Jedi everywhere. Unfortunately, she did not have the strength to be a true Sith, and was slain by monsters in the deep forest of Kashyyyk. Lord Eradicus noticed just long enough to collect her lightsaber before continuing into the forest, leaving her remains to the denizens therein.

Mira Dymos

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