Raynar Bernard


Raynar Bernard is a Human Jedi Guardian who escaped Order 66 the hard way – by killing every Clone Trooper that came after him. A formidable warrior, he also possesses a unique Force ability that makes him a skilled infiltrator – he can bend space around himself using the Force, allowing him to travel a short distance instantaneously. He uses the ability sparingly, as he was warned that excessive use could cause damage to the structure of local reality, resulting in a wound in the Force centered on him. However, he credits the ability with his continued survival, and his skills have made him a valuable ally to Vel Dran.

Deeply angered by the destruction of Caamas, he decided that the only way the galaxy would be free of the Imperial yoke was through military action and open revolt. He has committed himself to Vel’s cause, but is not entirely aware that his aggressive actions, combined with the effects of his unique power, are drawing him closer and closer to the Dark Side.

He and Vel and Belen Sanura were captured by the Imperial Inquisition in a public battle in the streets in the undercity of Nar Shaddaa. Overcharging his special power, he managed to escape the Inquisition but became the center of a wound in the Force, hastening his fall to the Dark Side. Eventually, the wound overcome his personality, and he turned into a Force-powered monster, mindlessly engaging in destruction wherever he went. Imperial intelligence recently recovered footage of him rampaging through a secret underground facility, where it is presumed he was destroyed.

Raynar Bernard

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