Set Harth

Legendary Explorer


Set Harth is a legend, a folk story that travelers tell each other to pass the time on long interstellar voyages. According to the tales, Set once explored the galaxy, wandering from planet to planet in a journey lasting for centuries. He has supposedly been sighted on millions of worlds in every sector over the last thousand years, although no one living claims to have actually met him, but they all “know someone who knows someone who saw him once.” Sightings of Set Harth have entered galactic culture as almost a joke, and many beings have set up businesses selling Set Harth’s image and likeness, or drawing beings to their restaurants and hotels by claiming that he was sighted eating or resting there at some point. It is a common thing to find Set Harth memorabilia and collectibles in the more seedy spaceports and fueling stations around the galaxy.

A being claiming to be Set Harth was encountered on the backwater planet Rishi. Those who encountered him said he was tremendously powerful in the Dark Side of the Force.

Set Harth

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