This being’s real name and background are unknown. It has been an operative of the Republic for many years, although it’s memories of the various wet-work jobs undertaken have been either modified or possibly erased at some point. It remembers serving the Republic, but has a strong loyalty to the Empire now, serving unquestioningly. It has a remarkable ability to change it’s form at will, and can appear to be any member of kind of bipedal, humanoid race in the galaxy. It is also a skilled covert operative and assassin.

Recently, it woke in an Imperial infirmary and overheard the technicians discussing how it had become Force-sensitive somehow, the first of it’s kind to manifest this trait. It was assigned to the Inquisitorious under Ellor Novan, to continue serving the Empire and possibly to learn more about it’s mysterious connection to the Force. However, it recently absconded with a valuable holocron and has vanished into the galaxy, prompting Grand Inquisitor Malorum to declare it an Enemy of the Empire and issue a bounty for it’s capture or death. Any being attempting to collect this bounty will have their work cut out for them.

Eventually, it was discovered that unknown was a minion of the Sith Lady Belia Darzu, long believed dead. It attempted to slay a group of Sith that grew dangerously close to discovering her machinations, but was ultimately destroyed itself.


Star Wars: Enemy of the Republic - Dark Side MightyBakuDan