Darth Havok's Mandalorian Sith Armor

Once a suit of fine Mandalorian Armor, this armor has been modified and enhanced by Darth Magus to grant several additional bonuses to the wearer. It has also been resized to allow Darth Havok to move comfortably in it, even while raging.

DR: 10
Max Dex Bonus: +2
Armor Check Penalty: -5
Max Speed: 6m (10m while raging)

Alchemical Enhancements:
+2 Force bonus to Str
+2 Force bonus on saves against light-side Force powers or any Force power augmented by a light-side Force Point

Special Equipment:
Environmental protection: +2 on Fortitude saving throws made to resist hostile environments
Sensor pack, three-phase sonic filtering, and visual amplification: +2 equipment bonus on Listen checks and Spot checks.
Infrared, sonic and motion sensor package: grants Darkvision up to 20m
Breath Mask system: one hour of breathable atmo before filters and supplies must be replaced
Comlink and broadband antenna/signal receptor: multiplies comlink range by 10

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Darth Havok's Mandalorian Sith Armor

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