Aran Cho

Captan of the Stoneheart


From a family of strict military officers, Aran Cho received his commission at a young age. He set about gaining rank at a prodigious pace, and quickly became a rising star among the young off1cers of the fleet. His strategic skill was reputed to be legendary, as was the motivation of the troops under his command. Having the star as your commanding officer, however, is not all it is reputed to be.
Captain Cho liberally hands down punishments for any infraction of the rules. He administers all corporal punishments personally, and always with a smile on his face. He has been known to use shock or other barbaric punishments for hours, rendering the victim unconscious and then reviving them to start anew. He takes a personal interest in one or two enlisted soldiers at a time, giving them his attention and tutelage on the “virtues of service” Still, the fair treatment of the many encourages the ranks to turn a blind eye to the few. After all, no one wants to have a personal visit from the Captain himself.

He is currently in command of the Stoneheart, a Victory-I class Star Destroyer.

Aran Cho

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