Darth Eradicus/Atlan Jade

Sith Warrior


Atlan Jade was taken on as a Padawan learner by Master Cin Dralig before the Clone Wars, and demonstrated a remarkable thirst for knowledge of The Force. He took quickly to Master Dralig’s tutelage with the lightsaber as well, and seemed well on his way to becoming a skilled Jedi Knight.

After he had been with the Academy several years, Master Obi-wan Kenobi discovered that part of the Jedi Archives had been modified, removing a planet from the records entirely. Perfoming a full investigation, Chief Archivist Jocasta Nu and Grand Master Yoda found that a great deal of information had been deleted from the archives. Perfoming a careful search, Yoda discovered that a familiar face in the library had perpetrated the crime – Atlan Jade was seen on more than one holocam, and his codes had been used to enter the system.

On the strength of Master Yoda’s evidence, Atlan was ejected from the Order with little more than a show trial. He was turned out onto the streets of Coruscant, forbidden to ever return to the Great Temple. He spent the intervening years of the Clone Wars wandering the galaxy, exploring ruins and sifting through great libraries. During this time, his knowledge of The Force grew, but so did his anger at the Jedi order and his desire for revenge. The Dark Side swiftly claimed him, but he did not care. He knew in his heart he was learning more than any Jedi could have taught him, and he wanted more.

While attempting to acquire passage to Korriban through less-than-legal means, he got into an arguement with the freighter captain, who he felt was trying to cheat him. The argument escalated, and Atlan drew his lightsaber and slew the man, and two of his crew. Unfortunately for him, the battle drew the attention of local law enforcement, who in turn called in a local contingent of Clone Troopers for support in capturing “a rogue Jedi.” Atlan was arrested for the murder, and returned to Coruscant to await trail, and likely execution.

Before his death, he was given another chance by High Inquisitor Ellor Novan, and has joined a small group of fellow Inquisitors in the service of the Galactic Empire.

Darth Eradicus/Atlan Jade

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