Darth Havok/Bannon ar'Kun


Bannon ar’Kun is a tall broad shouldered human, at the age of 17 with his blonde hair and green eyes he is the envy of many of his classmates on Kirrek.

Bannon grew up knowing that one of his ancient relatives was a great Jedi, and had in fact been speaking to him occasionally in a strange tongue since he was about 5. At his behest, Bannon’s teachers had sent requests to Coruscant for him to be trained in the Jedi order. Finally after years of waiting a Jedi visited the planet and Bannon was sure that he would be scooped up and taken to be trained in the force as he had always dreamed of.

Then several days later, Bannon found out that the Jedi had departed without so much as speaking with the young boy. This infuriated Bannon, how could he be passed up for such a great honor. His family had a long a loyal history of being Jedi. Shortly after the Jedi left though the voice of his ancestor stopped speaking to him. Hurt and confused, Bannon had no idea where to turn.

For years now this hatred has burned within Bannon’s heart and has become a raging inferno. He joined the local militia learning to fight with almost any weapon that anyone could think of. Then, on his 16th birthday, the voice of his ancestor returned. It led him to a cave deep in the hills outside of his small village where Bannon found something amazing, his ancestors sword.

Upon picking up the weapon Bannon suddenly found that he could channel his rage in to a finely honed weapon of destruction, especially when he used the blade. He trained for a year with the weapon and began to earn a reputation among the locals as a terror, someone to be avoided at all costs if you value your life at all. Finally, sick of trying to control him the local government called in Republic Troops to eliminate Bannon’s gang and take the terrible warlord back to Coruscant to stand trial for his crimes.

Darth Havok/Bannon ar'Kun

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