Darth Andeddu

Ancient Undead Sith Lord


Darth Andeddu once ruled the world of Prakith as a God-King, in the time of the ancient Sith Empire. A paranoid being, he became more and more convinced that his followers and other Sith Lords were trying to steal his knowledge and secrets, and so he entombed himself on his throne world. He left numerous false tombs and traps seeded across the planet, so that even after the Inquisitorius moved in millennia later and took the world as their headquarters, they were still finding tombs and ruins left by his followers and cultists.

Unbeknowst to the Inquisition and to the galaxy at large, Darth Andeddu still existed on Prakith. He had mastered ancient Sith Magics, allowing him to animate himself as a living corpse, retaining his mental faculties and strength of will. Sealed safely away in his tomb defended by Force-powered constructs, he continued delving into the great mysteries of the Force, learning and growing incredibly powerful as the millennia went by. He reinforced his tomb guards with the bodies and souls of those foolish enough to come looking for him, and strong enough to actually find him.

Darth Andeddu

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