Darth Magus/"Doctor" Magnus Brinel

Sith Sorcerer


The figure of “Doctor” Magnus Brinel has been seen in countless Outer Rim spaceports, seedy gangster hideouts and even recently, battlefield triage centers. Though Magnus has no formal medical training and no doctorate, he possesses a knowledge of medicine, pharmaceuticals, xenobiology and other sciences that is thorough enough to give his claim to the title of Doctor enough creedance in most places.

In truth, Magnus Brinel has always been fascinated with the workings of his fellow beings, and most importantly how to change them. The more he learned about the inefficient processes that take place in most being’s bodies, the more determined he became to learn how to improve on them, regardless of the cost…or whether the being was willing. Constant experiments have forced him to move multiple times, and after years of practicing “medicine” around the Galaxy, he has left a trail of deaths, mutilations, crippled patients and in some cases….living abominations.

When one of his “patients” broke free and rampaged through a rich neighborhood on Alderaan, Magnus was finally arrested and tried for his years of criminal experimentation on his patients. However, instead of being executed he was plucked from that fate by High Inquisitor Ellor Novan, along with a group of others who have since joined the Imperial Inquisitorious as Apprentice Inquisitors.

Darth Magus/"Doctor" Magnus Brinel

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