Darth Harbinger/Malset

Sith Lord


As most young Wyrwulves, Malset was routinely kidnapped, and though many don’t understand our traditions, this is perfectly normal. After Malset’s second kidnapping, a young Jedi Counselor arrived to meet with and understand the ways of the Codru-ji. To no surprise, the Jedi was met with just short of hostility from the Codru-ji, as they dislike outsiders prying into their customs. However, the Codru-ji are not a hostile race, and did not want to deal with the hassle that would befall them from ill-treating a Jedi, so they reluctantly allowed him to stay nearby, as long as he didn’t interfere with the Codru-ji. The Counselor, being used to this sort of initial hostility, was grateful for the offer, and acted as politely and unobtrusive as possible.

Only a month into he Jedi’s stay, Malset was kidnapped again. The negotiations between the kidnappers and the parents of this young Wyrwulve were not going well, though the Jedi had no knowledge of this, as he was still too far removed from the population. The kidnappers were attempting to barter the young Malset for some farming land owned by his family, and his father knew that the land was too valuable to loose, or he would not have the means to feed the family once reunited. Instead, the father opted to kidnap Malset back from the kidnappers, an old trick, but sometimes effective.

That night, the Jedi was taking interest in charting the wildlife habits near the village, when he witnessed what he thought to be a kidnapping. Often times, Jedi training would say to stay out of such situations when dealing with such an undocumented culture, but whether it was the Jedi’s instinct, a gut reaction, or a sense of some greater peril, he Jedi gave chase to Malset’s father as he was returning home with his child. Rather than try to negotiate, as he perhaps should have, Malset’s father fled, aggravated by the outsider’s intrusion.

The Jedi caught the pair, as was easily within his abilities without the use of aggravation, and before he was allowed to attempt to start to diffuse the situation Malset’s father pushed the child towards the Jedi, saying “This child is a burden and a curse for which will only end in bloodshed. I haven’t the tolerance for such a nuisance. Jedi, this burden is yours now, filthy child, and as you too are a burden and a pain in the workings of this village, you two shall be great together.” Malset trotted back to his father, still bewildered as to what is happening, but glad to see his father after being held captive for so long, but his father only offered a swift kick to the boy’s rib-cage, sending him to the floor. The Jedi was highly confused, but knew that he had to take the boy at leas for the night so he wasn’t further abused, and scooped him up.

Immediately, the Jedi sensed the force within this Wyrwulve, and left the next morning for the Academy with Matset, still too young to have any say in this matter. Malset grew up in the Academy, and after emerging from his cocoon, took to training under the ways of the Jedi, under the counselor that had taken him from Munto Codru. As children went, Malset was very awkward, seeming to lean towards he tenancies that the Codru-ji are known for; a quiet, removed nature that never fits well outside their own culture. Malset spent his time tinkering with his training lightsaber rather than socializing with the other Padawans, as he always had an affinity for the strange glow and feel of the weapon in his hands. The Jedi assumed that the heritage and nature of the Codru-ji was part of Malset, and that his mannerisms were no further off than any other of his race.

Eight years after Malset had emerged from his cocoon, he finally decided to ask how he became to be with the Jedi Academy, for which he had never really considered before as a boy. The Jedi chose to tell the complete truth, and be honest with the young Padawan to allow him the opportunity to rise above such a sorted past. Malset was frustrated with the story, understandably, and left the Jedi after learning that he was outcast by his family and his kind because of the Counselor’s intrusion. Later that day, in a lightsaber sparring match, Malset bested another Padawan, knocking him to the floor and aggressively kicking away his opponent’s lightsaber. With the unsettling news in Malset’s mind, and the adrenaline, Malset began assaulting the defenseless Padawan, and before a Jedi could intervene, Malset had battered his rib cage in with a surprising flurry of blows, crushing the boy’s chest and killing him.

The Jedi took Malset in front of the court to seek justice, as is their way, and the Jedi Counselor offered a few words in defense, mentioning that he had gained the news hat day. he courts saw no lenience in this, and sent Malset to jail for murdering the Padawan.

In jail, the other inmates soon learned or Malset’s past, and used i against him relentlessly. There, in prison, Malset set to work becoming stronger, so that all who mocked his past learned to respect him instead, and born out of necessity and self-preservation, Malset began strengthening himself.

In time, his sentence was commuted to death instead, ostensibly to create more room in the Imperial prisons. However, he was snatched from this fate by High Inquisitor Ellor Novan, and has since joined the Inquisition as an enforcer and killer, reveling in slaying Jedi.

Darth Harbinger/Malset

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