Zabus Selran

Sith Spirit


Zabus Selran was a powerful Sith Sorcerer in the service of Naga Sadow during the Great Hyperspace War. A powerful master of the Dark Side, he used Sith magic and illusions to battle the forces of the Republic more than 5000 years ago. When his battlecruiser was destroyed by a flotilla of Republic gunships, his spirit was left drifting through the galaxy, traveling from star to star and causing endless havoc.

After several millennia of formless existence, Zabus has gone quite mad. His proficiency with the Force, however, has grown a great deal since his death, and he revels in causing destruction and chaos for no reason other than the fun of it. While he is mostly unable to affect the material world as a spirit, he can channel his significant powers through any mortal form he possesses. This causes significant damage to those forms, but this is no concern to him – he can always find another.

Zabus Selran

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